Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately I am not in a position to make returns or refunds. I am only one person running this small operation. Now, if something is wrong or damaged with your purchase, please feel free to reach out to me so we can determine how to move forward. 

How often do you do shop updates? 

I will try to do updates as often as I can. I make more than just dice, so sometimes I will do updates that are not dice related. All information about updates will be available on my Instagram. 

Do you dice commissions?

I sure do! Please check out this page for all commission information!

What kind of quality can I expect from your creations?

Everything I make is handmade. That means that nothing is perfect, because people aren't perfect! But everything is made with care and to the best of my abilities. I always make sure to show any serious imperfections because the last thing I want to do is have someone unhappy with their purchase. 

I price my sets based on how much time I invest and depending on how I believe their quality is. Near perfect dice will have a higher cost, while dice that have several imperfections will have a lesser cost. None of these imperfections affect die rolls, but they are worth mentioning. Sometimes, a set will take a lot of work to fix, so while it may have an imperfection or two, the price may remain the same. Please remember that this is a handmade luxury item. 

How do you ink your dice?

I like to use acrylic paint to ink my dice. I chose acrylic paint for several reasons. It is a great medium, and as a person who can never choose how to ink my dice, it is also easy to take off with with certain materials. But I also do not recommend submerging dice in water for extended periods of time, as it may damage the ink. If you ever want to reink my dice, please reach out to me so I can help! 

Are your dice balanced?

It is extremely hard to find dice that are perfectly balanced. Whether it is handmade or machine made, there is always a chance that dice may not be balanced. When I make dice, my goal is to create art. More than likely, what I use inside of dice will not affect the balance of the dice. But, if dice balance is extremely important, I advise against buying handmade dice, or any opaque dice for that matter. 

Will I see the dice design I like again?

Most likely! I enjoy recreating my dice designs, so expect to see dice returning! Just please remember that everything is handmade, and if I recreate a design it may have some minor tweaks to it. If there is a specific design you like, let me know! That way I can try to have more for the next shop update. 

What is your shipping policy?

I use First-Class Mail to ship my products. Current shipping price is $6 within the US, International shipping is $20. Please keep in mind that those in the UK and EU will have to pay VAT fees in order to collect your packages from your post office. 

Sticker only purchases have free shipping.