Hello! If you’ve arrived here, you must be interested in commissioned dice. 

The cost of a dice set commission by me is $110, including domestic shipping. If there are special requests, such as intricate inclusions, the cost may rise. In order to secure a commission slot, you must purchase a 50% commission deposit on my website here. This will begin the commission process. 

All commission sets include 9 dice pieces: 1 d2, 1 d4, 1 d6, 1 d8, 1 d10, 1 d%, 1 d12 and 2 d20s (one with a logo and one without a logo).

I am currently not doing designs that require blanks.

Please be aware that I will not copy another maker's design for you. If you are inspired by a maker, and want that exact design, please reach out to them. I do not mind using another set as inspiration, but I will not copy another maker's dice. 


I use the following timeline to keep my commissions sorted. 

Phase 1:
Secure a commission slot by paying for a commission deposit on my website. Once it is paid, please wait patiently for an email with a commission form to be filled out with your specifications. This may take 1-7 days depending on number of commissions and your position in the queue.

Phase 2:
You have received your commission form! Hurray! This is where the fun begins. Please fill out the form with all of your details and requests for your dice commission. If you are unsure about what you want as you are filling out the form, please contact me for assistance. You can do this anytime through social media or email. My email is

Phase 3:
I will now begin to make your dice! Please understand that once Phase 3 begins, I can no longer refund your deposit. If you wish to cancel the commission, you will forfeit the deposit. Please be open with communication at this time. If it is difficult to reach you, understand that it will only slow down the dice making process. During this phase we will fully narrow down what you want your dice commission to be. I allow up to one revision of the set if you are unhappy with the final look. Any revisions after that will be an additional cost. Once your dice are complete, you will receive the final invoice for the outstanding balance.

Phase 4:
Once your final invoice has been paid, your happy dice will be packaged and shipped to you! Depending on your location, you will receive your finished dice in 1-4 weeks. Please be aware that domestic shipping is included in your dice commission, but international shipping will have an additional charge.